WASHOKU: Casual Cooking Studio

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Spot Guide and Cooking Class from 9:00 through 14:00 or from 11:00 through 16:00

Before or after cooking class, quick spot guide to Tsukiji outer market and neighborhood, or Ginza area can be set in this course.  Your class choice is found in the below.  Enjoy cooking and having lunch.



12,500JPY per person

< Schedule A >

9:00-11:00 Spot Guide

11:00-14:00 Cooking Class

< Schedule B >

11:00-14:00 Cooking Class

14:00-16:00 Spot Guide

*Escorting services to or from your cooking class is included in this course.  Spot guide cannot be reserved separate from the class.

Please select a class you would like to join.


3 hrs / 8,000JPY

Mon, Tue, Thu

Main menu is 04 pieces of Temari Sushi, which is one of the easiest and cutest sushi you can make at home. Colorful ball-shaped sushi with various toppings are usually served during happy occasions like Hinamatsuri ( Girl's day ) in March. 04 pieces of Nigiri Sushi, and Maki Sushi.Clear soup, called Osuimono, Chawanmushi, steamed egg custard also to be served.

Vegan Friendly Sushi

3 hrs / 8,000JPY

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Vegetable Roll-Shaped Sushi, and Sushi Roll Art, Japanese Tofu and Spinach salad dressed with miso based sauce, Rice cake wrapped with deep fried tofu, Japanese clear soup based on vegetable dashi broth, Skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze, Japanese tea

Vegan Friendly Ramen

3 hrs / 8,000JPY

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Vegetable Dashi Broth, Vegan Ramen, Pan-fried Gyoza, Japanese Green tea

Kookai Cooking Studio

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