Sampo Fee

This is basic fee for tour guiding services.  According to your request and/or budget, special arrangement is possible.  Please send me your question using 'Request Form' or 'Contact Me'.


NOTE:  WASHOKU sampo is cooking and guiding package course.  The fee structure including cancellation policy is different.  Please carefully find information in each course.

Max 4 persons: Baseline

Half Day up to 4 hours 20,000 JPY

Full Day up to 8 hours 30,000 JPY

Extension per hour 4,000 JPY 

Max 8 persons: Baseline

Half Day 4 hours 25,000 JPY

Full Day 8 hours 35,000 JPY

Extension per hour 4,500 JPY  

Escort Only

One meeting point 1,000 JPY per person

Multiple points will be estimated based on request

Other Additional Expense

Transportation: Actual cost (train, taxi etc.)

Entrance Fee:  Actual cost

Communication Fee: Actual cost (tel, fax etc.)

Lodging Fee (if required): Actual cost (hotel etc.)

Meal Breakfast: 1,000 JPY

Meal Lunch: 1,500 JPY

Meal Dinner:  2,000 JPY

 *Actual cost if meal is prepared together in guiding

Cancellation Policy

30%   One week to three days advance

80%   Two days to one day advance

100%  On the day